What I Never Thought I’ll Be Doing On A Thursday Afternoon

Hello there! I hope wherever you are you’ve enjoyed a sunny day in this last Thursday of August.
Today I had an incredible Thursday afternoon, mostly because it reminded me that we are living our dream, with something that 2 years ago seemed risky and far fetched.
Today we spent our afternoon in Llanca, and enjoyed a rejuvenating swim in a little hidden gem, this lagoon like place away from the touristic buzz.

imageLife Outside The Norm

Okay, you may he thinking that’s awesome, great for you, sounds like a great day at the beach, but why you never imagined you’ll be doing this on a Thursday afternoon?

Well, the special part about it is that it was a normal working day, and our break lasted from around 2pm to 6pm.
You see, 2 years Toby and I got our degrees and decided to go a different way than the norm, we followed a dream to work online and travel the world.
Ever seen those ads that show you a person working on their laptop from the beach or swimming pool?
We bought into that dream and took the risk to chase it.
Today we are happy to be living it. It took hard work, faith and determination, but being able to incorporate in a normal working day a swim in a beach lagoon, that really feels like a payoff for us.
I am so glad to share this with you because maybe you also have a dream that’s out of the norm.
Maybe you also want to start your own business online and work from your laptop? Or do you want to pack up, live of a suitcase or backpack and travel the world?
Anything you dream off, go for it, no matter how against the odds it is. Try it, work at it as hard as it takes, and when you achieve it, enjoy it!

Every day we work from a lovely cafe or we land in a new country, we feel blessed and thankful that we had the courage to take this route.
Was it hard? Did people advise us against it? Yes and yes. Was it worth it? Oh yes!!!
Go for your dreams!

A Hidden Gem In Costa Brava

Oh and if you are ever in Llanca, Costa Brava gotta check out this lagoon-like little gem! As you arrive at the main beach turn left (the other direction the the big hill everyone’s climbing). Walk either down the beach or cross the bridge and walk along the path crossing the villas. You will see this lovely lagoon like place, were rocks are surrounding a lovely swimming place.


The water is crystal clear. There are rocks but if you keep swimming you won’t find any trouble, just be careful at the edges. Whilst you there lay back, enjoy the blue skies and let all your worries go away.

What would be your ideal Thursday afternoon?

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