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We are Oana and Toby, young online entrepreneurs travelling the world & sharing with you our adventures, travel tips and honest travel reviews.

We graduated with Business Honors in 2012, and whilst most of our colleagues went to pursue careers via traditional employment, we had a dream to start our own businesses and travel the world working from our laptops.

So, in May 2012 we left University and decided to work hard to pursue that dream, which we are blessed to be living right now.

We work from our laptops whether it’s in a hotel balcony, a quiet cafe, a long-haul flight or a cross-country train journey. Whether we lay our heads in luxury boutique hotels or local apartments, we aim to travel like a local, and discover the soul and the beauty of each place we set foot on.

Toby and I thought about Honest Travel Reviews in 2012, on a fun experience walking in the rain in London. We realized that travelers like you and us need this information.

 We created this magazine for you, because:

Honest Travel ReviewsWe want to give you, the traveler,everything you need to prepare you for your journey:

  • hotel reviews
  • transport guides
  • money saving tips
  • the best spots
  • local secrets
  • ultimate ‘travel like a local’ guides
  • honest travel reviews



We are always on the road, travelling to a new place and enjoying its beautiful wonders. But most importantly, we want to share everything with you, so that you can pick your next travel route with all the info you need to have a great time.

What’s in for you?

Everything! We are sharing with your our adventures, the best tips and local advice to make travel an unforgettable experience on any budget, to never miss anything in a new place. We are talking all the details, from picture guides on how to get from the airport to exactly how delicious that hotel breakfast was.

Ready for the adventure?  Jump on the journey, travel virtually with Honest Travel Reviews to places you want and then make that reality in the best possible way for you!

Who is this magazine for?

You! Whether you are a seasonal traveler, an all-year-around traveler or someone with the traveler spirit at heart that wants to learn more of the world, this magazine is for you and you only.

Thank you for visiting Honest Travel Reviews. But don’t be a stranger, let’s get to know each other.

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Hasta luego!