How to Get From Girona Costa Brava Airport to Figueres

How to Get From Airport Girona to Figueres

Girona  Costa Brava  airport is a fairly small airport that connects the world with Catalonia. It’s only 93 km away from Barcelona, 31 km away from Costa Brava and 56 km away from Figueres.

There are 4 main options that get you from the airport in Girona to Figueres:

Own Transport From Girona Airport to Figueres

Rent a car and follow your GPS to Figueres. There are car rental services in the airport. Your journey will take approximately 30 minutes and you can use the motorway or the national roads. If you are in the area for the first time, the motorway is likely to be easier.

Taxi from the Airport Girona to Figueres:

There are plenty of taxis, of all sizes, ready to drive you anywhere you want to Girona airport. You can call beforehand or pick it up at the airport. The journey is costly, around €80 to Figueres, however, do check in advance or with the drive as rates may vary.

Bus From the Girona Costa Brava Airport to Figueres Bus Station:

The third option which is cost-effective and great if you travel with a lot of luggage is to take a direct bus. The bus company is called  ‘Barcelona Bus’. It costs about 25 euros and it takes you from the airport (bus station outside of Arrivals) to Figueres bus station, which is next door to the train station and only a short walk into the town center.

Check out the current timetable here:

Bus and Train From Girona Airport to Figueres Train Station:

This is our favorite mode of transport, cheap, fun and effective. You first get a bus from the airport in Girona to the center of Girona – the Girona train station. A single ticket costs approximately 2,75 euros and the bus will get you there in 30 minutes.

When you arrive at the bus station, which is in front of the train station, simply catch a train to Figueres. Feel free to wonder around Girona if you have time. Train prices for a Girona-Figueres journey will vary, as Spain runs different trains from ‘Regionals’ which stop at every station, to fast trains such as ‘Media Distancia’ and ‘Avant’. A regional ticket costs about 4 euros, whilst the others cost between 5.45 euros and 6.80 euros. Be aware that only Regional and Media Distancia trains come into the main Figueres train station.

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Check out the current timetable here:

For the bus to the station check out the journey from Girona Costa Brava Airport to Girona here:

For the train times check out:

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