Faro Airport to Vitor’s Village Travel Guide

Train-Faro-Ferangudo - Vitor VillageVitor’s Village Resort is located in Ferragudo, a small village of the Algarve region in Portugal.

Exact Hotel Address: Vitor’s Village | Rua Infante D. Henrique – Sitío da Passagem – Apt 88 |, 8400-230 Ferragudo | Portugal

The closest airport to Vitor’s Village is Faro Airport, at a distance of 67.3 km on the A22. In car, it’s approx. 50 minutes drive from the airport to Vitor’s Village Resort.

Transport Options – Airport to Hotel

When travelling from Faro to Vitor’s Village Hotel you have 4 options:

1.       Taxi

You can pick up a taxi from the airport straight to Vitor’s Village Hotel for 65€ to 80€, depending on how many people are travelling.

2.       Airport Shuffle

We got the following quote from the hotel:

“Further to your request regarding an Airport Transfer from Faro, we are now able to confirm the following price: 75.00€ . This is a private and direct transfer up to 4 persons, includes VAT and tolls.”

3.       Own Transport

If you are renting your own car or you have sorted out your own transport, the easiest way would be to put the GPS on, take the A22 route and you should be there in less than an hour.

4.       Public Transport (bus + train)

There is no direct bus from Faro Airport to Ferragudo, so the best option is to take a bus and a train. This is the option we took and we travelled from Faro Airport to Ferragudo for less than €8 per person. We scanned the ticket and the train timetable for you to have a look at or print out.

 Faro Airport to Vitor’s Village, Ferragudo Bus and Train Travel Guide

Here is our travel guide on how to travel from Faro Airport to Vitor’s Village in Ferragudo for less than €8. In our honest opinion, it was the best option, cheap and fun.

First of all, we got to enjoy Algrave for what it is, as we traveled in bus and train with the locals. Finally, we enjoyed the change in Faro, as we took a few hours to do some shopping and walk around. Faro is a beautiful place, with a great port where you can take boat trips to enjoy the natural islands around it.

See our article on Visiting Faro

So, here is the Faro Airport to Vitor’s Village Step by Step Bus and Train Travel Guide

Step 1: Come out the airport through the ‘Arrivals’ door and take the bus to Faro city centre. You can pay with the bus driver and is under €2 per person.

Step 2: Get off at the last stop in Faro, which is a few steps away from the train station. As you get out and face the road, you will have to turn left and walk towards the train station.

Optional Step: Remember where the train station is and take a walk to Faro City Centre.

Faro to Ferragudo Train TicketFaro to Ferragudo Train TimetableStep 3: Take a train from Faro Train Station to Ferragudo. You can buy a ticket at the station and prices are around €5.80 per person – see Ticket Picture. We were told that it doesn’t make a difference to buy a return ticket, it’s the same price. See Train Timetable.

You can also check train times online here 

Step 4: Come out at Ferragudo Station. You will notice is only one line and looks very small and run down.

Step 5:  As you come out the train, walk straight ahead out of the station and keep walking ahead until you come at a crossroad. There you need to cross the road and turn right. Keep walking straight until you get to a Lidl supermarket. From here is about 10 minutes walk to Vitor’s Village Resort.

From Lidl you keep on walking straight up, across what looks like a rundown building. On your left hand side you will see a car workshop and on the left green space.

The man in the car workshop was kind enough to give us directions to the Vitor’s Village Resort. Everyone knows the place, is very popular in the village. You will arrive at a roundabout and you need to cross but keep straight – the same road you came from. You will pass by local houses and a tiny bus stop and then keep on going until you come across a tiny pavement and a curve. Keep on the same side as you take the curve and go up. Keep straight on the same side and you will come in front of the resort, as you have just walked up the hill where Vitor’s Village sits. Beware that this route takes you on the driveway into the hotel and it’s a bit of a steep walk up the hill, and reception will be on the left hand side.

Feel free to print out these directions or just ask the locals for the hotel name, they were very friendly with us.

For any questions about how to get to Vitor’s Village, comment below and we are more than happy to help.



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