Hello! Our names are Oana and Toby and we are a young couple passionate about travelling the world and discovering its beautiful wonders. We love meeting new people, trying foods from around the world and visiting beautiful places. We also enjoy great hotels and the touch of comfort and relaxation that they bring to our travels. This is why we are passionate about giving you, our readers, Honest Travel Reviews, so you can make the best decisions on the holidays you book!

The Story of How We Found Out About The Paid Travel Reviews Out There!

We also research each place we plan to travel to, and we are outraged by the number of paid reviews out there! We trusted the famous online sites and spent hours reading up each travel review to ensure we book the right holiday.

This until we were contacted by several people via our freelance writing sites asking us to write paid reviews!!!! We were shocked when we told them we refuse to take the job as we find it immoral, and their answer was to wake up, this is how it works! They told us that most of the hotels out there pay for positive reviews for themselves and negative reviews for their competitors! 0_0 We frowned upon it, thinking of the hours we spent reading hotel reviews and the amount of travel decisions we made based on them!

We Want to Bring you the Truth – Honest Travel Reviews

This is why we created this blog, to give honest travel reviews!!!! None of our content is paid or written for marketing purposes. We love to travel the world and enjoy great hotels! This is why we tell you honestly how our stay was and give you words of advice from our experience.

Our mission and purpose are to provide honest travel reviews and protect future travelers from the misleading reviews out there!

Say no to paid reviews – seek honest travel reviews – you have the right!

Check us out for regular updates on honest travel reviews and great travel advice! We bring you detailed hotel reviews, transport guides, money saving tips and so much more.