5 Golden Tips For Travelling to 5 Star Hotels On A Budget

5 stars on a budgetIf you like your luxury breaks but want to keep your budget under control and get the most value out of it, you’re not alone! We love travelling to 5 star hotels on a budget.

After years of travelling to beautiful 5 star hotels at a bargain, here are our top 5 golden tips to making your travels luxurious and affordable.

Golden Tip 1 – Ask for Early Check-In & Late Check-Out For Free

The beauty of 5 stars hotels is that they take customer service to the upmost level. Are you catching a 6am flight with Ryanair to keep your travels cheap? Then you don’t have to spend extra in random cafés. Grab a sandwich at the supermarket and check in early for free. You call before or just arrive on the day.
Scenarios for Early Check-In
• If they have your room available they will let you check in early (1-2 hours earlier – we do it all the time)
•If they have pool or spa facilities they will store your luggage and let you relax in the pool/spa until your room is ready
•If none of the above are available you can at least leave your luggage and relax in the hotel lobby or take a stress free walk.

Complimentary Late Check-Out
Almost all 5 star hotels offer complimentary late checkout if they don’t have your room booked. Simply call reception the night before check-out or on the day and ask if it’s possible to check out later maybe because your flight is delayed or your train is booked later in the day. 9/10 times we always got to checkout at 12-1pm rather than 11. Relax in the spa or sleep in, knowing you don’t have up leave till noon.

Golden Tip 2 – Order Take-Away & Eat In
Do you want to save on expensive restaurant meals and high room service fees? Then just google the takeaways in the area abs order your food.
Try to also ask the the room service for  plates and cutlery, most of the time they will send it up for free (we did this in many occasions).
You’ve already got your beautiful and luxurious room, possibly a stunning view and a nice table to eat, so why not have a nice night in?
Order takeaway and pick it up in the lobby ( the reception staff will call your room) and serve it nicely with a bottle of wine you bought before at the supermarket.
Dine in style but on a budget! Why pay for a restaurant when you already have your luxurious setting?

Golden Tip 3 – Check Your Room For Discounts
Am I suggesting you turn your room upside down and look for random discount vouchers? Of course not!
Most likely the hotel would have placed some letters in your room saying welcome, presenting you with their room service menu and other services. The great thing is that in some occasions they also leave you vouchers with discounts. We found vouchers such as:
•20% discount on food and beverages at the restaurants and bars in the hotel
•50% off spa massages
•Free glass of wine with dinner at the hotel’s restaurant
Rember to take the voucher with you and show it to the staff beforehand.

Golden Tip 4 – Get a Bed & Breakfast Deal

20140204-223203.jpgLet’s admit it, the breakfast at 5 star hotels is delicious. They have a great selection of foods, deserts as well as hot and cold drinks. Some 5 star hotels even spoil their guests with sparking wine or champagne for breakfast.
However, the way to enjoy breakfast at 5 star hotels at affordable prices is to get B&B deals. Look out for these deals with “breakfast included” on sites such as booking.com. You will find them at similar prices with the standard rate for the room, or a bit extra. Avoid having to pay for breakfast on the day, as it’s always more pricy.


Golden Tip 5 – Enjoy 5 Star on a Budget on Sundays
During our travels we’ve noticed that Sundays seem to be cheaper, especially in main cities like London, Barcelona, Brussels etc. As the weekend rush ends and before business guests arrive, Sunday check-in with Monday afternoon check-out is a great time to book a 5 star hotel on a budget.

Hopefully these five golden tips will help you travel in style and comfortable whilst keeping prices down.

Do you have any tips for travelling to 5 star hotels on a budget? Comment below, we would love to learn from you.

Happy Travelling!

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